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We deal with the design, production and sale of gate valves using high quality materials such as stainless steel, bronze and cast iron. Due to its use as a shut-off valve, the design of the gate valve requires great attention in all its parts (body, shutter, and axis). All our shutter valves can be manual or automated.

The shutter valve

Medana & Visca manufactures stainless steel, bronze and cast iron gate valves consisting of three parts:
  • The body, made of cast iron or steel;
  • The shutter, which also constitutes the part also referred to as the "gate" which can be either straight or inclined;
  • The axis, also called stem, that can be both manual and powered.
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Gate valves are available in different types according to operating pressure. Flat body valves can withstand up to 16 bar pressure, oval-shaped ones up to 25 bar, cylindrical ones from 25 to 40 bar and those in autoclave seals from 40 to 600 bar. For more information please fill in the form in the Contacts section.

Sealing Seat

The shutter valves also stand out for the sealing seat. 
With a soft seat, sealing is ensured by the compression of the wedge jacket whilst in the metallic seat it is by the contact of the metal sealing ring on the disc and that placed inside 
the body.
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