Since 1951, Medana & Visca has been working in the industrial and naval sectors, and has been a leading company in the production of bronze, steel, stainless steel and cast iron valves. Our company has been known for its competence, efficiency and professionalism for over 60 years, and over time has become a trusted partner of the largest Italian and foreign shipyards.
Advanced technology and accurate quality control methods enable us to provide valves that provide excellent performance. Our high specialisation and experience make us the company of choice for important and demanding clients.

Valve automation
Hydraulic actuators can be supplied in both double and single versions and can be fitted with an electric limiter switch for remote position signaling.
For correct sizing of actuators, we require the following data:
- pressure exerted on the valve
-  min & max oil pressure
- service history
- actuator type

Butterfly valves

Medana & Visca deals with the design, manufacture and sale of butterfly valves. On the dedicated page you can find more information about this type of product. Please complete the form in the Contact section for more information.

Globe valves

At our head office in Genoa, we also manufacture globe valves. In particular, we make straight and right-angle globe valves. Please visit the dedicated page for more information.
Gate valves
Our company also manufactures gate valves made out of materials such as stainless steel, bronze and cast iron and can be manual or automated.

Ball valves

delle valvole a sfera
Ball valves are our most common product and used to intercept water flow. The valve can be open, closed, or partially open reducing the flow. We offer you a wide range of ball valves in different materials, and also tailor-made products to meet your requirements.

JIS Standard valves

valvole jis
We produce and sell valves to JIS 5k and 16k pressure ratings. We guarantee a quality product made from high quality materials. Please complete the form in the Contact section for more information.

Various valves

due valvole
Medina & Visca also produce many other types of valves, including sleeve valves, swing check valves, release valves, line segregation valves, and many other industrial and naval products.
Please complete the form in the Contact section to request a free quote!
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