Butterfly valves


For more than 60 years, Medana & Visca has been designing and manufacturing valves for the naval sector, and has a wide range of products with proven, high performance levels. Among these are butterfly valves for the flow and modulation sea water, freshwater, steam, air and liquids. Thanks to the reliability of our products we have a clientèle made up of the most prestigious Italian and international shipowners and naval shipyards.
We supply all our products to Italy and abroad.

Product description

Our design and construction butterfly valves are equipped with flange fittings PN6 - PN10 UNI / DIN - PN16 - ANSI150. They are made of durable materials such as stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, silicone and natural rubber. This type of valve has many advantages, in particular fast opening and closing mechanisms, negligible load losses, and maximum resistance at very high loads. To find out more about this product please contact us by filling in the form in the Contacts section.

Custom design

The joints on our butterfly valves can be flanged, Wafer type, LUG type and double flanged eccentric. Our large warehouse allows us to meet all your supply needs in the shortest time. We also offer a service to design from scratch the type of valve most suitable for any specific requirement you may have. Before despatch, every item passes rigorous and stringent quality tests that allow us to ensure high performance.
To check availability of a product, please call us on +39 010 390760
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